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ABOUT Irina Baktiaya

Iryna Baktyaia

Born on the 13th of March

Actress, model, business woman and a person of art

Iryna hasn’t become a model; she was born to be her.

A model business for her is more than work, it’s a whole life.

She participated in many beauty contests. She entered the Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls of the capital. Iryna knows everything about modeling from the inside!

Filmed in popular Ukrainian serials. She is the finalist of the “Master Chef” TV show. Besides, she participates in advertisements in different countries all over the world. Moreover, she is often a guest of different TV shows and an expert of the culinary program.

Since 2016 she has been actively involved in projects in Saudi Arabia. The owner of Face Sculpting Studio – non-surgical face and body lift.

She graduated from the University of Culture and Art with a degree in Hotel Management.

Since her childhood Iryna was notable for her fantastic talents. Always strived to become the best and win the hearts of people. Her main feature of character is charismaticness in tandem with leadership skills.